Body of The Year Bakery

As many who have visited will know - we have available the BEST croissants, pastries and Sourdough in town. Baked by Dunedin's own Jed - and delivered fresh from his bakery down the road. 

Available from 9.30 Tuesday - Saturday

GLUTEN FREE available by pre-order on Mondays. (Order must be made before mid-day Sunday) 


Our Baker Boy - Jed

A self taught baker, Jed started making bread after being gifted a sourdough starter. He started learning about the process and techniques, mixed with lots of trial and error his bread started to take form.This started a passion for naturally fermented breads and thus Body of the Year Bakery was born. Bread production relied on the use of sourdough as a leavening agent for most of human history, the use of baker’s yeast as a leavening agent dating back less than 150 years. This ancient practice of using natural fermentation breaks down the starches and gluten present in the dough to make it more digestible and nutritious, also it creates a distinct sour taste that defines the bread. Jed’s focus is to make bread with simple, organic, wholesome ingredients and combined with the use of sourdough creates an incredibly nutritious,delicious, beautiful looking loaf of bread.