A + R Soap
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A + R Soap

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‘A+R Soap’ is infused with an exotic blend of Cedar, Juniper, Cypress and Berga-
mot to deliver a bespoke T&D aroma that was inspired by a walk in Auckland’s

‘Whatipu bush’. This soap is a mellow bar of awesomeness that will leave skin
soft, clean and refreshed, not to mention smelling great. ‘A+R Soap’ is made
from a translucent base high in glycerin that makes it incredibly gentle on
your skin. This high humectant value means the soap does not draw moisture
from your skin like other soaps will and can be used on sensitive areas like the

face, neck and underarms with impunity. ’A+R Soap’ is safe for the environ-
ment, light, fresh and gentle. Due to the glycerin content which makes this a

gentle, soft soap that does not dry out skin, it will absorb moisture if left in a
bathroom puddle – so treat with care, keep it in a free draining area, or at least
dry and it will treat you well in return.