Seitan Mix
Seitan Mix
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Seitan Mix

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Seitan is such a delish way to add variety and meatiness to meals as a vegetarian or vegan. It is super simple to make and is so versatile. 

This Seitan Mix is tested and gives you a ready to go mix with all the best flavouring included. So you can start making your own awesome Seitan at home. 

250g mix includes. Wheat Gluten, Chickpea Flour, Nutritional Yeast, Onion Powder, Herbs, Sugar. 

All you need at home is vegetable oil and water. A mixer will make the job easier however you can do it by hand aswell.

You can easily add other flavouring as preferred such as chilli, spices, seeds you name it!

Once cooked it will be approx 500grams of Seitan which can be used sliced in sandwiches, tear chub is and fry as meat in a stir fry or get creative with Google and find loads of other ways to use it!