Shearer's Soap
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Shearer's Soap

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As a kid growing up my job was to clean the wool shed floors so the shearer’s
had a tidy workplace when they started each morning, cleanliness is next to
godliness and all that. I have two outstanding recollections of that time, the
first is learning to roll a cigarette, the other is the smell of the soap the
shearing gangs used to scrub with before heading to ‘smoko’. Like all good

memories the facts have no doubt been embellished with time, but when mak-
ing this body soap it was that smell we wanted and perhaps more importantly

the association with a hard day’s work, that it evoked. ‘Shearer’s Soap’ is made
from a translucent base high in glycerin that makes it incredibly gentle on
your skin. Poppy seeds assist exfoliation and provide a massaging effect that
works in combination with our bespoke natural fragrance to create a complete
cleansing experience. ‘Shearer’s Soap’ is safe for the environment, gentle on
skin and strong on the nose. Use Daily for a superb all over body exfoliation.